Do you want to help our more vulnerable families but don’t know how?

The Rotary Club of Playa del Carmen Seaside will be providing essential food and dispensas to at risk families in the community as identified by the organizers of the schools, community centers and charitable organizations that we have been supporting for years with our feeding programs. Additional funds will be focused on helping as many people as we can in a meaningful way.

Seaside Rotary is made up of volunteers who donate their time. There are no overhead or administrative costs. Every dollar donated goes directly to helping those in need.

Please click the big green button to make a donation. No amount is too small. Please use the notation COVID19 so we can easily keep track of monies received for this extraordinary effort.


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Seaside Rotary will not be holding our regular weekly meetings at Boston’s until further notice. We will be holding virtual/online meetings using Zoom at our regular meeting time of Tuesday @ 12:30 Local Cancun Time.

We are doing this with direction from Rotary International who has advised the following….”In the near term, Rotary International recommends that districts and Rotary and Rotaract clubs meet virtually, cancel or postpone meetings or events following the advice of national and local health officials”.
Everyone is welcome to join our virtual meeting by clicking the link below at the scheduled time.
For more information on how to join a zoom meeting click the link below.

Covid-19 Relief Effort Update

In less than 2 weeks Seaside Rotary working with donors and community ambassadors have accomplished so much!

Watch the Video below for an Update

We could not have done this without the financial support from you, our donors.

This is only the beginning.

There is no tourism, therefore there is no work.

There is no unemployment check coming.

There is no economic impact payment.

We will continue to provide assistance to the families that need it most during these troubling times! We are in this for the long haul. Every day more families are identified. We need your help. Your continued support of our efforts is critical.

Please click the button below to make a donation. And thank you for your support.

For the children of Playa del Carmen

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Member Spotlight

Meet our very dedicated member Steve Luchs. Steve has lived in Greensboro, NC; New Orleans, LA; Denver, CO; and Queens, New York. He also spent some time in various locations around the globe while working for the Department of Defense consulting and managing base restaurants and nightclubs. Lucky for our club he now lives in Playa full time with his lovely wife, Lynn.
His business life was in Hospitality & Restaurant Management and in Sales Management in the Auto Industry. He still works part time and remotely as an Administrative Auditor for a multi-dealer company.
Steve has two sons, Colton and Devin, both living in Greensboro. One is a police officer and the other is director of a pool company. His two stepchildren, Megan and Jack, also live in the Greensboro/Winston Salem area. It certainly makes catching up with the kids an easy, one location visit.
He was attracted to Rotary for the opportunity to give to those less fortunate in our community and he has enjoyed the people he has met at the meetings. His favorite project is feeding the local children. Steve has been asked to plan our clubs social events, which is ironic…he was the social chairman of his fraternity in college.
Since retirement, he has been enjoying traveling and the “big adventures” that Lynn gets him into. Likes being outdoors, swimming, the beach, working out and spending time with friends.
His favorite teams to cheer for are the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears, but really just loves a good game.