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End Polio Now

Seaside Rotary is Helping to End Polio Now Each year, in October, the Rotary Club of Playa del Carmen Seaside, along with Rotarians worldwide, participates in End Polio Now, a global initiative to increase awareness and raise funds to support Rotary International’s ongoing efforts to eradicate this paralyzing disease for good. The History of Rotary … Read more
Rotary Club of Playa del Carmen Seaside Grants

Requests for Grants and Support

About Seaside Rotary’s Grant Request Process Since its inception in April 2012, the Playa del Carmen Seaside Rotary Club has made significant donations of member volunteer hours and money to numerous local organizations as well as contributing to the Rotary International Foundation. Our mission and focus remain on improving the lives of children and families … Read more
Seaside Rotary's Big 6 Delivery in Cancun

The Big 6

In May 2018, the Rotary Club of Playa del Carmen Seaside was awarded a Global Grant by the Rotary Foundation in the amount of $150,000 USD. This grant money will cover the cost to transport nearly 4 MILLION USD worth of essential medical supplies and equipment to six underserved community hospitals and health centers across … Read more
Rotary Club of Playa del Carmen Seaside Scholarships


Kicks4Kids Rotary Club of Playa del Carmen Seaside


Kicks4Kids – Seaside Rotary’s Sneaker Drive It may surprise you to learn that one of the significant health issues for children residing in small villages on the Rivera Maya is snakebite. That’s right. Just a few kilometers away from the center of downtown Playa del Carmen with its glitzy nightclubs, international restaurants and boutique hotels, … Read more
Seaside Rotary Feeding Program

Feeding The Future

Feeding the Future – Seaside Rotary’s Feeding Program One of the most important ongoing projects for the Rotary Club of Playa del Carmen Seaside is our feeding program, ‘Feeding the Future‘. The pilot feeding program was initiated in the remote village of Torres de la Paz, just outside the city of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. … Read more

Clean Water

Seaside Rotary Disaster Relief

Seaside Rotary Disaster Relief

Rotary on the Front Lines in Times of Crisis Rotary International has a long history of providing swift, effective disaster relief worldwide. Working on the ground through their global network, Rotary channels resources directly to the areas in need, aiding in recovery and rebuilding efforts.  From funding emergency shelters and clean water facilities to rebuilding … Read more
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