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Requests for Grants and Support

About Seaside Rotary’s Grant Request Process

Since its inception in April 2012, the Playa del Carmen Seaside Rotary Club has made significant donations of member volunteer hours and money to numerous local organizations as well as contributing to the Rotary International Foundation. Our mission and focus remain on improving the lives of children and families and supporting initiatives that will have a lasting impact on our community.

Our current membership of approximately 25 business and community leaders is dedicated to expanding our impact on the Playa del Carmen community by carefully directing our efforts and monetary donations to worthy projects.

The Projects Committee will gladly receive any and all requests for assistance from non-profits and charitable organizations within the Municipality of Solidaridad. We are open to receiving applications from any charitable entity for needs that are in line with Seaside Rotary’s mission, support the Club’s service priorities, can demonstrate responsible fiscal management and provide a direct, measurable and positive impact on the children and families within our area of service. Priority will be given to those operating in and supporting needs within Playa del Carmen or secondarily to those impacting needs that extend to adjacent communities.

We are mindful of our approach in distributing the assets and the funds our membership has worked so diligently to generate and have prepared a set of Charitable Giving Guidelines to help organizations seeking support navigate our application process. These guidelines will allow us to ensure that our club resources are directed to projects that are in complete alignment with our mission as Seaside Rotarians as well as Rotary’s Avenues of Service.

Click here to download the Grant Application

Seaside Rotary’s Charitable Giving Guidelines

In an effort to be good stewards of the monies entrusted to us by our members and by the community at large, Playa del Carmen Rotary Club Seaside has established certain guiding principles to help us focus our support to the community organizations that best fulfill our mission and maximize our impact.

In making allocations of our charitable assets to various organizations, consideration of grants to a particular group is based primarily on the following criteria:

·   Compatibility of the organization’s mission with that of our club

·   Impact of the organization’s work in the community

·   Stewardship in the use of the funds provided

·   Impact of the project within the club’s area of service (Solidaridad)

·   Ability to provide reporting to support the efficacy of the grant provided

·   Applicant must be the final beneficiary of the grant and not an intermediary group

Preference will be given to projects and programs that minimally meet the following criteria:

·   Are not for profit and work toward the betterment of the community

·   Are located within the Municipality of Solidaridad

·   Provide direct benefit in the areas of youth, health or economic development

·   Provide our members the opportunity to participate or contribute as volunteers

·   Have specific goals and measurable results

Projects that fall outside the bounds of the Seaside Rotary mission and will not be considered for support include the following:

·   Programs and projects that are politically motivated

·   Projects that are controversial in nature or have political or religious agenda

·   Projects or programs that fall outside of our service area (with exceptions)

·   Proposals that benefit only one individual (with the exception of scholarships)

·   Support for a program or facility that is otherwise not self-sustainable

·   Projects proposed without an official Grant Application Form

A written application process must be completed by all organizations that wish to request financial support from Seaside Rotary. All applicants are encouraged to understand the selection criteria as defined in our Charitable Giving Guidelines. 

All applicants are required to submit a complete Grant Application which can be requested via email, or you can download it by completing the form below.

Click here to download the Grant Application

The Seaside Rotary Projects Committee meets each month and applications are due in by the first Monday of each month. Any application received after will be held for submission to the committee in the following month.

Applications will be reviewed by our Project Committee and must be approved by the Playa del Carmen Seaside Rotary Board of Directors. Applicants can generally expect an answer within 6 weeks of submission.

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